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About FlashCredit Africa

We are a technology-based company that offers salary advance loans to employed people in Kenya earning a net salary of Ksh. 30,000 and above.

Responsible Lender

We are the responsible lender, giving you only that which you can comfortably afford to repay.

No hidden fees

Our salary advance loans only earn interest, there are no processing or loan application fees.

Transfers are instant

Apply today, get your money today. Once your documents are verified, you'll receive your money in minutes, not hours

Smooth application process

Physical forms are so yesterday. Apply online, get instant notifications on your application status

Our Team

FlashCredit Africa is composed of a vibrant team ready to serve you.

Omondi Aloo

Managing Director

Omondi Aloo is a mission-driven and consumer-oriented professional, who possesses rigorous institutional expertise combined with cross-functional start-up business experience. He is proven to successfully perform under pressure, uncertainty and limited resources, executing strategies while working within various institutions and new ventures.

Veronica Ndoiru

Director, Recoveries and Collection

Veronica is a top-flight credit risk manager with experience in result-oriented collection strategies, collaborating with motivated and productive teams, driving substantial revenue growth from reputable financial institutions.

James Gichira

Director, Finance

James is an experienced finance professional with a demonstrated history of working in the financial service industry. He is skilled in portfolio management, financial risk management and valuation. He is a strong finance professional with a CPA-K qualification.

Martin Mogusu

Chief Technology Officer

Martin is an experienced technology expert, equipped with world-class skillset relevant in the evolving technology world. He has immense experience in the technological space and brings along helpful insights from the high-impact projects he has worked on previously.


FlashCredit Africa is the leading salary advance provider in Nairobi, Kenya. We offer salary advance loans to employed people in Kenya earning a net salary of Ksh. 30,000 and above

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